It is a great pleasure to make contributions to China's racing and automotive technology development. We cooperate with China FSC, to provide training for the new generation automotive engineers. The FSC is a non-profit social public welfare undertakings, in the contemporary benefits, and work in the future. Operation and development of the project combined with good colleges and universities, the vehicle and parts manufacturers, the government departments and the social from all walks of life support and brand enterprises. The social from all walks of life to all project investment of manpower support and funding for the organization, the promotion of the event and bonuses for participating students set up of the event.

2016, Topspeed has established the Topspeed Race Engineer Academy program, will select excellent students to be involved in the Formula Masters China and Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo internship programs. The students will work with the engineers and drivers, being trained on data acquisition, suspension set-up, team management and race strategy.

To join in supporting FSC, please visit the website: 

Davide De Gobbi

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Race Logistics

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Instructor Team

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